Sunday, 30 March 2014

Microsoft Office 365: Now Available Ipad Users

Microsoft well knows for it's operating system and gadgets now entering with it's world famous Office software to the world of IPad. 
As in an event held in San Francisco  few days ago Microsoft Office General Manager Julia White announced Office for iPad, featuring Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. This new apps for Ipad supports viewing but not editing for free, had gone live in Apple’s App Store.

Download Section: If you want to download the real office apps are here Word, Excel, and PowerPoint

Word, Excel, and PowerPoint all have a same ribbon interface as in the Windows and OS X version of office but yes this is definately true that the app on Tablet works much better then on the smartphone, but definately not compare to the desktop versions.

IPad version of the office is provided free of cost by the company till it comes to the viewing of the documents, but when it comes to the editing part you will not that for free you have to purchase subscription of Office 365 to get full access to the software.

According to a recent post on The Next Web saying that "In fact, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella promised that the company will be pushing Office 365 across all platforms. 'Our commitment going forward is to make sure that we drive Office 365 everywhere,' he said. 'So that means across the Web, across all phones, across all tablets, across PCs. That’s our real commitment to Office 365 everywhere.'"

The subscription for Office 365 Home Premium costs $99 per year, or $10 per month. A more cheaper version is announced but it is not yet available.


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