Sunday, 30 March 2014

Microsoft Office Now Available for Android and iPhone Users And Android Version will be launched soon

While releasing Microsoft Office for iPads Microsoft also announced that now Office will be also available as free download with major updates on Play Store for android and Apple's App Store for iPhone for free of cost.

Microsoft says, "The decision was made in order to align Office Mobile for Windows Phone with its iOS and Android counterparts." Now a you can view as well as edit the content just by using the app on your smartphone just for free. As Office 365 no longer require any subscription for editing content on your smartphones.

As in all this no any features were being updated there were some bugs fixes and mobile office made completely free for home use.

The statement "Office will be completely free for home use with all unlocked features" does defines itself that only the Home version of Office will be free to use even in edition which directly means that Microsoft is still asking for a subscription for business purpose. They are treating Tablet as an premium device for which they will be putting some limitations on the application as the user will only be allowed to view there documents they will need to be having a subscription in order to edit the document. If you want to know more about the another announcement made by Microsoft click here

Yes we do have a choice that employees can installing the office personally onto there smartphones to avail Office services for free.

Well over all we can say that we can expect Microsoft for much more in the future as in a single day  they announced there app release in two different platforms one for free and other for subscription.

Source: TNW


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