Monday, 31 March 2014

Skype: Now accessable directly from your Outlook Account

The company famous for providing free Voice and Video call services world wide has now made calling more easy. As today Skype has added a new feature to it's services. If you have an Microsoft Account you might have got an email by Outlook. It is quite intresting feature so called Skype in Outlook. customers can now talk to friends and family with Skype messaging. Skype is available through in limited markets as the service is rolled out in the coming months.

Note: In order to access Skype through your Outlook account you need to have both of the accounts ie: Outlook and Skype Account merged with each other.

 In order to merge your both account you need to go to the bottom of the chat pannel down there you will find Four Icons one for Skype, Second for Windows Live Third for Facebook and Last for Google. Then you need to select the Skype so that you can link your Skype ID to your Microsoft Account.
Note: You can merge only one skype account at a time to Microsoft account you can swap between two of your Skype accounts but for that attempts are limited.

Also there is an alternate methord if you don't have any Skype account but have a Outlook Account and willing to have a Skype Account. You sign in to Skype with your Microsoft account, you will create a so-called technical Skype account. You can still enjoy all the great Skype features; the only difference is that technical accounts do not have a Skype Name.

Source: Microsoft


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