Monday, 7 April 2014

10 Tech Basics You Things Everybody knows : But they Don't

When you are on the web you want to scroll down don't want to pickup the mouse.

  • Tap "Space Bar" to scroll down a page.
  • Shift + Space to scroll up.
  • Works in every browser and any kind of computer.

Tab between boxes

  • When there's a pop-up menu for your state or country, type the first letter initial repeatedly.

  • If the text is too small what you do is hold down the "control key" and press "+"

  • Bigger Text: Press  Plus "+" with the "Control Key".  You make the word larger with each tap.

Use Minus "-" to reduce the size.


  • Press Space Bar twice to end a sentence (Works in all devices iPhone, Android, Windows, Black Berry).
  • Add a period, insert one space and capitalizes the word.

All Cellphones
  • Tap the call or dile key to call up the last number dialed. 
       *Note:- On a non smartphone open a list of all recent numbers.

  • You can interrupt the freakin' voice mail message by pressing the carrier's interrupt key.

Verizon : "*"
AT & T, T-Mobile: "#"

We can't guarantee you that it is perfect as it differ's company to company which one they accept.

Google Stunts

Google is not only a search engine it is much more then that like as:

  • Type a word "Define' followed by any word which you want to define or looking for.
  • Flight Tracking. 
  • Unit Conversion.

And Much Much More.

Four Text Basics: For Computer

  • Double Click to highlight a word.
  • Don't Delete just type over it.
  • Don't click/drag to select in one-word chunks.
  • Triple click to highlight the whole paragraph.


How to eliminate shutter lag completely:-

  • Half - press the shutter button to pre - focus. You will get your best shot every time you makes a click.

*Note:- I think you finally need to thank me as with this camera trick i just converted your $100 camera to $1000 camera.


It offen happens that you are giving a talk and some reason audiense is looking to your presentation slide instead of you. So don't panic here is what you need to do. Just follow the simple steps:-

  • Press the 'B' key to blank out the slide and again to undo/remove the Blackout


  • You can also press the 'W' key for Whiteout & hit 'W' again to come back to your slide again and to unblank it.


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