Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Origin Boxed: New Innovation to the World of 3D Printing

Origin is the First Digital Distribution Platform to step in the whole new world of 3D Printing. So now simply download your game, 3D print your disc and install it.

It's obvious that nobody wants to go to the store and wait for a long time stand in a big line just for a game for which they have already being waiting for. 
That is why every one love digital but from now digital is not just about the owning a product fast and easy but now it is also about the stuff u can hold and feel physically in your hands. 
According to an recent announcement by made Origin few days ago to completely turn digital from coming 4th April

What that mean?
Simple now origin will not accept physical disk but that dosen't mean that they are not taking care of there customers. 

If that was it then why are they bringing this change?
Looks like Origin do not wants to loose there customers as some of the customers love there disc more then they love Origin. And also we can not ignore the biggest reason as this year EA is free from the "The Worst Company In America's" batch and now the company is more concerned about reducing there carbon footprints.
As they said in the video if you love to own a physical copy of your game now you can do so if you have an 3D Printer at your home or have any means to print your physical disk from 3D Printer.

Well this looks like a good deal to the gamers who love to play games and also do not want to miss the collection of there physical copy of the game. 

If there is any thing I missed please let me know in the comments and also let me know what you think about the Origin's new move.

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