Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Google nexus series in line or offline...

It seems that the rumors for Google nexus series is almost coming up to an end as Google annual I/O conference is almost in line which is scheduled in San Francisco this month. Much more is awaited for Google silver line project which boasts premium line phones embedded with a new version of android operating system probably known as vanilla.

However if we schedule for the Google annual I/O app and checks the upcoming event it seems that there is no meeting scheduled for android development phase which can give us some hint that what can be upcoming in this conference.

But at the same time we got a tweet from Google  showing an unidentified phone which can be googles new phone as they have done the same way before as well boasting with a banner which quotes Google now makes shopping experience easier which created havoc in nexus enthusiasts. More is yet be waited let us hope we get some confirmed news finally by the end of this month.

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