Monday, 23 June 2014

Volantis aka the new nexus tab leaked images and specs.

Finally there are some confirmed specs and a leaked image as shown above this will officially be known as volatis designed by HTC as sources say. 

This is a new era of technology where Google is surely competing with apple I pad air and mini. Here Google has blown up the specifications if we talk about, volatis have a 2 k display with a stunning resolution of 2048 x 1440 and cpu running on fabulous  nvidia k1 64 bit architecture which is almost as close as anything can be if we consider in terms of a desktop computing power. 

However as the sources say this piece of hardware won't be so cheap as nexus use to be, as its been rumored that they will run on Google's new android silver software and plus they are focusing more toward competing with apple now as it was rumored before as well. 

Sources say the price range will be between 400$  for 16 gigs version and 500$ for 32 one and 600$ for the lte network model. 

Stay tuned for more upcoming updates.


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