Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Battlefield 4: Final Stand officially announced

Today on there Official Blog two dice members Kristoffer Bergqvist & David Sirland made an official announcement about the last DLC Battlefield 4: Final Stand. From today there will be one map out of four available on Battlefield 4 servers for users holding Premium account. If you are one of those who have premium account on BF4 then refer to this link and register here  https://cte.battlelog.com/bf4/communitytest/  to avail the service.

As mentioned in the post the weapons and vehicles in this DLC are never seen in previous maps and talking about the landscape there they mentioned that it will be some where in Russian Mountains. Company says that there will be some prototype secret weapons also available for players like pick-up rail gun that fires powerful single shot of kinetic energy and the hover tank prototype using power of 8 experimental jet propulsion engines to move around the battlefield and lot more to come in game.

So just buckle your seat belts up as the final ride is going to be wonderful.

Also for more info visit there official blog here and to register and play Final Stand on there server go to Community Test Environment if you are a premium member.

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