Thursday, 11 August 2016

Android v/s IOS

Mobile market is one of the biggest market of all time webbed all over the world. Everyone these days need a phone to communicate personally or professionally, also they have became a major part of our life which is further resulting in continuous increase in demand for new and smart phones with an improved technology and great features. With this increase in demand many companies are stepping into this business but there are only five major companies who have  world’s highest percentage of market, companies like Google (Android), Apple (IOS), Amazon (Fire OS), Microsoft (Windows) and BlackBerry (BB OS).

Talking about Google’s Android and Apple’s IOS both have come up with some great innovative features but nothing is perfect in this world. Talking about android, it is the first choice of about 51.2% of worldwide users whereas IOS users are limited to only 43.5% and remaining 5.3% other companies. Android and IOS are has occupied almost 95% of world graph just because they are not just limited to single platform (Smartphone), they expanded their coverage to tablets and even PC’s also (OS in case of Apple).
The latest version of Google’s Android is Kitkat 4.4.4 (also working on Android L which is not yet released) and ios 8 in case of Apple. Talking about the features there are many things positive that comes in mind like as:

Apple is best known for it’s decent design and elegant interface. IOS 8 comes with many new  features and Google on the other hand is well known for it’s innovation and wonderful inventions.

1. Spotlight is a feature introduced in IOS 8 which was not just limited to offline results but is also capable of giving you more accurate answer for your search by dividing each search accordingly to it’s different categories were as in android this feature is available from first version but the managing part lags in android as it just displays all the result directly on the screen without dividing them into their respective departments like names, websites, application and others.

2. Cloud Backup is the feature present in both Android and IOS as in android Google Drive acts as a backup drive which u can access anywhere and any time you want and icloud Drive is for online backup on IOS platforms. But the best part is that you can use these services in any platform you want all you need to do is just login with same login id and password.

3. Some peoples are more interested in clicking their photos then anything else well you are lucky because this feature is now available on ios 8 also as you just need to snap a picture on your one device and it will be automatically backed up on your other device, this feature is available on android too but it comes with google+ app with a name of “Photos”  what it does: It backup all your photos on your google account and then you can manage it from anywhere in the world from any device.

4.There is a new feature introduced in ios8 that is Family sharing which is one of the coolest feature ever i guess  all you need to do is send an family invite to your family and after they accept it you are good to go. By this feature you can track down the location of your family’s Apple devices, ask your parents permission digitally to buy something from their credit card if registered on your account, and can also view your family location on map and lots and lots more. There are many third party applications which provide same experience in android also but we believe original is always original.

5. Bluetooth is one of the greatest inventions this is found in almost every smartphone except iphone which is why some users that their hands off and prefer more to go for buying android based smartphones.

6. Credit Card is one of the major problem that many of the youngsters faces as no matter they buy an iPhone or an android based smartphone they are asked to enter credit card details for purchasing any thing no matter from iStore or from Google Play.

7. Coming to the notification bar android provides much better experience than ios as there are many features provided in Kitkat 4.4.4 compared to ios 8. Like as there is an clear notification button given at every version of android to wipe the notification panel on just a touch of an option on other hand you have to manually slide every notification on the notification panel in case of ios. But that doesn’t means ios is not good the two things i really like about ios notification panel is one the interface and view of ios’s notification panel and other is the reply space provided in the notification drop down just below the notification for instant reply which is just awesome.

8. Apple was kind of limited when it comes to it’s onscreen keyboard although with a sexy look and easy to use features some peoples who are new to this platform finds android experience much better than this so now apple has opened gates for third party keyboard developers famous on android platform and now you can also set those keyboards on default.

9. The major part that android lags is when it comes to the part of updates as you see that android is not limited to one company you can say there official brand Nexus or there X brand Motorola (now belongs to Lenovo) and this is one of the main reason that there are still many android phones capable to be updated are running on lower android versions as when google launches and update it goes directly to only those customers who are using stock android phones like Nexus and Motorola users but companies like Samsung, Sony, Panasonic, Micromax and other filters these updates and send them according to there will which result specially in Samsung users get’s an official update once in a year that too for there useless applications like chaton and other. But, ios on other hand gives direct updates on every iPhone and other devices as they say “Hardware and Software made for each other”. So, it’s better to have an ios device or an stock android phone then to have third party mobile manufacturers.

Well this would be hard to decide that in a competition between Android v/s IOS who will win or who will loose all we can say because everyone has different thinking and different points to or not to. At last all we can say that is if you like a simple look and better features and some limitations you can go for Apple on the other hand if you are a funky and cool guy and want unlimited access to everything you can go with Android Smartphones (Nexus, Motorola).

But, final decision stands on you because it’s your taste and choice that matters.


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