Thursday, 11 August 2016

Challenges faced by Gamer in India

Back then when we were a kid there were no restrictions on us for anything I am sure that everybody was having a console back there on which they used to spend maximum of his time playing video games and no one was there to scold him and ask him to take some responsibilities and get over this gaming stuff. Every kid has a gamer inside him/her but the point is how many are there who sticks with that gamer throughout their lives the answer is there are very few of them are able to continue with that as there are many reasons behind this given to us from our loved once.

After when we are grown up then we are forced to leave our habits changing from gaming to focusing on career, responsibilities, earning a reputed job with a well-settled job and life, investing for the future generation. No doubt they are needed to live a comfortable life, but the thing which was our loved ones now vanishes from our future life. No doubt gaming is an expensive passion for catching up on and with this here comes another problem where to arrange funds for meeting our gaming requirements. As parents will not hold out back throughout our lives to keep funding us for our daily expenses some day we have to take the initiative to arrange our own source to keep going with our passion. India is a developing country but truly it not growing at all as growing and expanding from a physical state is good but you also have to change the useless perceptions those are build up in the people's mind that the only field that is beneficial are limited to doctors, engineers, lawyers, bankers, and other professional courses out there in the world.

Everyone knows that the gaming industry is dynamic and is growing on its full capacity with some great opportunities. But with this the game peripherals are also becoming very expensive. Generally family think that dumping money to purchase games or investing in upgrading our PC is a complete waste of time and resources as they are of no use they think it is just a useless practice to show-off in front of friends and others which is not completely true.

Gaming is not limited to games it is much broader term that is growing continuously with new inventions and introduction of some great piece of technology the recent one was VR more say Virtual Reality which is revolutionizing the way people experience video games and possibly more to come. Games now help people experience the world they can never dream of or practicing in the environment which is dangerous like practicing a drill in an army base without getting hurt or making pilot cross all the limits on a jet on a simulation program to experience the new moves on the plain experiencing and getting better control when he is in battlefield. Without any casualties, they are experiencing a lot from just a start of a program.

Not only that, now a days almost every game requires an internet connection to be played but in India connectivity is the major problem which is needed to be improved as no matter how much you pay communication companies always have an excuse saying that the user’s in your area are rapidly increasing or the server crashed and there is nothing that can be done from our side as a patch as back-end team is working on it and they will soon come up with some resolution.

Companies like Electronic Arts strictly asks for the user’s to use their Credit Cards as a mode of payment on their official website or Origin Client. People who don’t have Credit Card often miss the heavy discounts offered by Electronic Arts due to which no option left they buy the game from the Third-Party sellers who have their own drawback afterward.

Part of the government in developing Indian Gaming Community is almost nil as gaming might be treated as a profession in many other countries but in India it is treated like as some regular useless activity with a heavy expenditure and waste of money. It is not even about the government as there are very few gaming companies who take initiative to up built and bring a new sensation in gaming world in India and taking it to the next level companies like NVIDIA, MSI and few more. What’s need to be done is more companies should start taking an interest in developing despite just launching the game in the market and sitting back relaxing waiting for the profit to come. Updating people about the scope in the field of games and introducing them to new products and education them about that and organising interesting seminars and events to be in touch with the community and taking their feedback time to time.This way gamers will be more attached to them company and will help the company to grow.

No matter of what age or gender they are everyone has a question in his/her mind about his plans “What will I do in future” What will I become?” But there is a question that remains common in their mind if that person often play games “All I could think about something is gaming, can I do something in that?” The answer to that question is simple that we live in a dynamic world with lots of opportunities around us in every field we just need to chase those till the end and you will reach your destination. Yes, there is a scope of gaming you just need to get on the right path, chase your goal and remember what and where you wanted to be. We are  sure that you will reach your destination.

Source: Feedback from Gaming Community.


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