Saturday, 28 January 2017

Mass Effect 2: On The House January Sale

On The House is a service added by Origin in March 2014 to enhance the gaming experience of PC gamer's and to give them a head start who are new to gaming. This was also done for resolving the carbon footprint that was generated from EA so that the company could easily turn down the manufacturing of Game Discs for PC platform and make people aware about the other modes to purchase games to continue enjoying their gaming experience.

There were many big games that were made on the house for PC games like Dead Space, Plant v/s Zombies: Game of the Year, Battlefield 3, SimCity, Dragon Age, Syndicate, NFS MW2,MOH and many more. Also, if you were already holding base game then taking care of that Origin showed up with almost all the the DLC’s of Battlefield 4 and Hardline so that you can continue exploring the pro’s of the game and to get your hands on new maps.

Now rocking the charts Origin ON THE HOUSE is offering another big franchise Mass Effect: Standard version this time. The deal is already up from January 05, but won’t last long if you  haven’t already taken it. So, what you waiting for go ahead grab the deal and enjoy one of the greatest games from Mass Effect Trilogy and kick some alien *** as this would be the last month for this deal.

Hugo Barra will lead Oculus

Mark Founder and CEO of Facebook posted on his wall saying that they have come to a decision where Oculus and all the Virtual reality part of Facebook will not be handled by Hugo Barra, a former executive at Xiaomi and have also worked with Google prior to that.

In a blog post-Oculus confessed that the current CEO Brendan Iribe showed his interest in handling PC VR team of Oculus rather continuing with CEO post for Oculus. That was the time when the company started looking for a suitable person for the post who can handle Oculus like its own and can take better decisions for the growing of the company. Seems like Barra is there man.

It should be the right decision as the company strongly needs some backup after the lawsuit of ZeniMax. Seems like Hugo got a lot of plans for Oculus as he mentioned he will be more focused upon virtual and augmented reality will-will enable them to experience new things which will be more creative than ever before.

Source: Gamespot

Sniper Ghost Warrior 3: Beta Release

The game is on it way certainly after some delay but the wait for Beta is over now as on 17th of this month the registrations for beta PC was made open on the official website. Sniper Ghost Warrior is one of the famous series which mainly focuses on the life of a Sniper on the field the challenges he faces on the field. The third part of this game cover's all three parts now as there's a Sniping mode wherein you have to get to a point and take down the target, a Ghost mode in which you have to play in the shadows and have to use the nearby objects to retrieve the information from the enemy or take him down and the last and the most aggressive on in which you have to jump into the field and start shooting at the enemies by maintaining cover.
The frame work of this squeal is designed incredibly and is appreciated but the beta will be released only for PC and not for any other platform so if you are not a PC gamer then you might have to wait for some time as there are no any further announcements made as such for console users. Well, the launch date for Beta as per the Twitter announcement is February 3, 2017, and the official game release on April 4, 2017.
“We can’t wait for fans of the Sniper Ghost Warrior series to get an early taste of what’s to come when the game releases on April 4, 2017. Since this is a technical test, we encourage everyone to give us feedback of their experiences in the Steam forums. We hope they enjoy what they play!” – said Marek TymiƄski, CEO of CI Games.

So, are you ready to get your hands on the Republic of Georgia? Then, register for the Beta plays soon as its less than a week left. SEE YOU ON THE FIELD.

Until that time you can watch the Tactics video and get used to new features that are added to the new game of a well-known series.

Friday, 27 January 2017

Windows 10: Game Mode Feature Released

With the launch of its last creature's update Microsoft added a new feature to it called Game Mode to provided a better gaming experience by improving the average and total frame rates. Now, it's easier to get your hands on the Game Mode settings as there is a separate section that is added in system settings with the name of Gaming. But, make sure that the game mode is enabled in the last section under Gaming to make use of it. There is also a default shortcut for it if you wanna activate game mode while you are playing the game. You need to press and hold Win+G to initiate the in-game bar and can activate the Game Mode from there as well. Game Mode will prioritize the CPU and GPU usage and will make them focus on whichever game you are playing to enhance your gaming experience and to get the best out of your rig. Creatures are working really hard to finish this one for you as this covers one of the promises made by Microsoft to give the best of all gaming experience.

Saturday, 21 January 2017

Atari will now manufacture Gaming Hardware as well

With the announcement made by Atari last years seems like the company wants to expand its business to Hardware segment starting February.  Atari will be collaborating with the famous Barcelona well know for designing bands for Minecraft with the name of GameBand and supposedly the same name will be used for Atari Bands also.

In one of the official news statement Atari said "We're getting ready to announce some new tech that will let you play classic Atari titles like Pac-Man in a whole new way" If you are an old school boy and miss those time then this time you will be able to get your hands on all those classic games in a whole new manner.

The company has revealed a limited information on their new project as of now we just have a date February 1 this year. But, till now the way Barcelona Band works is that they store all the game files and mods in then that you copy and can carry the band anywhere and in order to play the game you have to connect the band to your computer supporting common operating system and with the help of Barcelona app you can start playing the games available on the band. But, this is not yet revealed from either of them whether the same concept will be continued or there is something new feature added for users.