Saturday, 21 January 2017

Atari will now manufacture Gaming Hardware as well

With the announcement made by Atari last years seems like the company wants to expand its business to Hardware segment starting February.  Atari will be collaborating with the famous Barcelona well know for designing bands for Minecraft with the name of GameBand and supposedly the same name will be used for Atari Bands also.

In one of the official news statement Atari said "We're getting ready to announce some new tech that will let you play classic Atari titles like Pac-Man in a whole new way" If you are an old school boy and miss those time then this time you will be able to get your hands on all those classic games in a whole new manner.

The company has revealed a limited information on their new project as of now we just have a date February 1 this year. But, till now the way Barcelona Band works is that they store all the game files and mods in then that you copy and can carry the band anywhere and in order to play the game you have to connect the band to your computer supporting common operating system and with the help of Barcelona app you can start playing the games available on the band. But, this is not yet revealed from either of them whether the same concept will be continued or there is something new feature added for users.


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