Saturday, 28 January 2017

Hugo Barra will lead Oculus

Mark Founder and CEO of Facebook posted on his wall saying that they have come to a decision where Oculus and all the Virtual reality part of Facebook will not be handled by Hugo Barra, a former executive at Xiaomi and have also worked with Google prior to that.

In a blog post-Oculus confessed that the current CEO Brendan Iribe showed his interest in handling PC VR team of Oculus rather continuing with CEO post for Oculus. That was the time when the company started looking for a suitable person for the post who can handle Oculus like its own and can take better decisions for the growing of the company. Seems like Barra is there man.

It should be the right decision as the company strongly needs some backup after the lawsuit of ZeniMax. Seems like Hugo got a lot of plans for Oculus as he mentioned he will be more focused upon virtual and augmented reality will-will enable them to experience new things which will be more creative than ever before.

Source: Gamespot


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