Saturday, 28 January 2017

Mass Effect 2: On The House January Sale

On The House is a service added by Origin in March 2014 to enhance the gaming experience of PC gamer's and to give them a head start who are new to gaming. This was also done for resolving the carbon footprint that was generated from EA so that the company could easily turn down the manufacturing of Game Discs for PC platform and make people aware about the other modes to purchase games to continue enjoying their gaming experience.

There were many big games that were made on the house for PC games like Dead Space, Plant v/s Zombies: Game of the Year, Battlefield 3, SimCity, Dragon Age, Syndicate, NFS MW2,MOH and many more. Also, if you were already holding base game then taking care of that Origin showed up with almost all the the DLC’s of Battlefield 4 and Hardline so that you can continue exploring the pro’s of the game and to get your hands on new maps.

Now rocking the charts Origin ON THE HOUSE is offering another big franchise Mass Effect: Standard version this time. The deal is already up from January 05, but won’t last long if you  haven’t already taken it. So, what you waiting for go ahead grab the deal and enjoy one of the greatest games from Mass Effect Trilogy and kick some alien *** as this would be the last month for this deal.


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